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Permanent work

Modern and effective recruitment methods allow our employment agency to create an extensive database of employees, which can be used by companies cooperating with us to select individuals who meet their specific requirements. Permanent work is a long-term job, either full-time or part-time (depending on the contract). We conduct recruitment processes for positions at various levels – for our clients, we look for both physical workers with specific qualifications and office workers.

Permanent work – what does the Employee gain?

Looking for a permanent job on your own involves daily sending of many CVs and waiting for individual responses from employers. Meanwhile, assistance from an employment agency means that the Employee does not have to worry about the burdensome job search – they just need to submit their CV to us, and we will enter their details into our employee database. As soon as an Employer cooperating with us is looking for a person with the skills and qualifications the Employee possesses, it will be possible to sign a permanent employment contract.

Permanent work offers job stability and regular income. It also provides employee rights and benefits such as 20 or 26 days of vacation leave, the possibility to take unpaid leave, and receive additional benefits. It is a good choice for those who want to develop in a specific direction, gain new experience, and specific qualifications.

Permanent work – what does the Employer gain?

The recruitment process can be long – many CVs do not meet the Employer’s requirements, and finding a person with all the necessary qualifications is time-consuming. Therefore, conducting recruitment through an employment agency is a solution that makes it easier for the Employer to manage their company. From the extensive database, they obtain information only about those Employees who actually meet all their requirements – and they can immediately hire them under a permanent employment contract. This is a significant saving of time and costs. The Employer gains an Employee who fits the expectations of their company.

Personal System Service

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