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Temporary work

Temporary work is becoming increasingly popular, especially among young people who want to gain their first experiences, learn about the local job market, and achieve financial independence. To present themselves well to potential employers, it is worth using the services of a temporary employment agency – it is the agency that delegates Employees who best meet the requirements to a specific Employer. That is why temporary work, as a hassle-free, flexible form of employment, is becoming more popular in the Polish market.

What does the Employee gain from temporary work?

An employee who chooses temporary work gains primarily flexible hours, which allows them to adjust their schedule to their own preferences. The short term of work performance – from a few hours to several months – makes it a flexible solution, allowing for additional financial resources. It is a good choice for those who do not want to be permanently tied to one workplace but prefer to understand the market’s specifics from various perspectives. The guarantee ensuring the safety of this form of work is the Act on the Employment of Temporary Workers from 2003 (Journal of Laws of 2003, No. 166, item 1608).

What does the Employer gain from temporary work?

Companies that have periods of increased production during the year, as well as dead periods when a large number of employees are not needed, often decide to use the solution of temporary work. In such a case, it is enough to hire additional people only seasonally and not incur unnecessary employment costs during the dead period. An Employee hired by our agency is delegated to the workplace and performs all their duties there in accordance with prevailing standards and principles.

Many of our Clients use temporary work as an opportunity to test a person they might want to hire permanently in the future. The recruitment process is one thing, but working in the company allows the best verification of the skills of a potential full-time employee. With temporary work, you can check them without obligations. You gain a guarantee of hiring a person who best meets the staffing needs of your company.

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