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Employee Leasing

Companies looking for seasonal workers (summer, weekend) are increasingly opting for so-called employee leasing – that is, hiring workers directly from an employment agency. The company then enters into a contract with the agency – while individual employees who are “leased” first go through the entire recruitment process at the agency, and the agency is responsible for preparing employment contracts for them for a specified period. This means that a company using employee leasing services does not have to carry out tasks related to human resource management itself. All issues related to salary, leave, contributions, and pensions are handled by the employment agency.

Employee Leasing – Key Benefits

The main advantages of employee leasing relate to economic matters, as the company reduces fixed labor costs – cooperation with an employment agency is classified as external costs. Also, expenses related to the recruitment process are minimized because it is conducted by the employment agency. This also translates into time savings – the agency only selects those workers who have the skills and qualifications sought by the company.

Employee leasing is a good solution for a company looking to improve its work organization – it can thus dispense with the independent management of administrative matters. Dealing with HR and payroll documentation rests with the employment agency with which an employee leasing agreement has been signed.

On Site Management

For companies that want to hire a larger number of employees, we offer On Site Management services – this involves managing employees on the company’s premises or in an office located nearby, which significantly improves communication and increases service efficiency while simultaneously minimizing administrative costs.

Hiring Foreign Workers

We also specialize in recruiting workers from abroad. We take a comprehensive approach to the issue of legalizing the stay and work of foreigners in your company. Our activities include providing all the formalities related to the legalization process, both for work and the stay of the foreigner.

Personal System Service

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