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Employee Outsourcing

Employee Outsourcing is a service involving the hiring of an employee employed by another company. We, as a staffing agency, sign an employment contract (full-time) or a service contract with the candidate, and then they are assigned to perform duties in a specific company that cooperates with us. For entrepreneurs, this is an attractive solution because all formal matters (related to payroll administration, contribution payments, issuing tax forms, settling vacation days, etc.) are handled by the employment agency. This means that the actual Employer delegates to the staffing agency the execution of all tasks related to human resource management.

Employee Outsourcing – Benefits

Employee outsourcing is becoming increasingly popular due to its many benefits for the Employer. First and foremost, it saves time because human resource management is fully entrusted to an external entity. Additionally, it means lower costs (associated with administration and recruitment – which is also conducted by the staffing agency). This is a good solution especially for companies where the order season increases seasonally, which requires temporary employment of additional workers. Instead of conducting recruitment processes independently, the company outsources this task to a staffing agency and opts for hiring employees.

Employers, through employee outsourcing, reduce fixed labor costs. The price of “hiring” an employee from an agency depends not only on the location of the company but also on the qualifications possessed by the employee. The more skills and qualifications the worker is required to have, the more they will be paid.

It is worth remembering that the employee outsourcing agreement can be concluded between the employee and the agency for a period not exceeding 18 months. That is why it is temporary work, usually performed during holidays or weekends.

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